Welcome to King Street School

SAU 23


Mission Statement
The King Street School mission is to provide students with the skills
and attributes necessary to successfully
transition back to their sending school. We achieve this goal by
providing high quality academic instruction in a positive, safe
environment that promotes inquiry and an appreciation for life long
learning. It is our intention to celebrate the unique qualities that every
student possesses and to teach our students the knowledge and
skills needed to advocate for their own physical, emotional and
intellectual well being. We believe that by working as a team with the
students, their parents and the members of our community, we will
prepare our students to become responsible, caring community
members. Lastly, we strive to teach our students real life skills that
will enable them to participate fully and productively in a democratic,
technologically advanced society. 

King Street School 
16 King Street
Woodsville, NH 03785
Phone: (603) 747-2703
Fax: (603) 747-3246
Intake Process

             Referrals to the King Street School program can come from

numerous sources, including principals, teachers, or special

education staff. Following a referral, students are required to

participate in an interview with the King Street School staff.The

interview must include the student, a custodial parent or guardian, and

a representative from the sending school district.