Behavior Management System


Behavior Management System
The  King Street School Behavior Management System (BMS) is based on the idea that adolescent behavior can be changed through the consistent application of teaching, processing, positive reinforcement, incentives and effective consequences. It is our philosophy that over time, students will acquire the necessary skills to make positive choices and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
 The key component of the (BMS) is the tracking note. Staff will provide students with feedback via the tracking note and one on one behavior counseling as events warrant. Behavior is assessed throughout the day in increments coinciding with the class schedule. The intent of this plan is to be as student specific as possible. Each student is assessed on both task/participation and attitude/respect and on three student specific behavioral objectives.
Task/participation is defined as appropriately participating in assigned tasks and attitude/respect is defined as displaying positive leadership qualities as well as treating other students and staff respectfully. Each student’s behavioral objectives are created based on individual education plan (IEP) goals as well as staff observations.



Personals and Aggression Management

Our goal at the King Street School is to teach students the skills they need to be successful in a mainstreamed environment. This includes natural consequences for inappropriate behaviors and consequences that are directly related to the unacceptable behavior. Students who become agitated are encouraged to take a personal. A personal is defined as requesting to leave the immediate area where the problem exists and taking several minutes to regain control of your emotions. Students are not penalized for taking a personal unless they become excessive. In that case, staff will deny the student a personal at staff's discretion.


  In the event that a student becomes agitated, they will be encouraged to take a personal, if this intervention is unsuccessful and the student is being unsafe, the staff members at King Street School are trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention as a physical intervention. A steer or therapeutic hold, using approved techniques, is used when a student puts themselves or others in danger. All steers and therapeutic holds will be documented on a Staff Intervention Form and the parent's will be notified as soon as possible, but within 24 hours.